Former cocaine smuggler scores a brutal knockout in his second fight upon release

Any ideas about what Ostowar was trying to do with his left hand?

In the late 2000s Kym Farid was one of the promising fighters on the British MMA scene. His fight against Daniel Cubitt at Cage Rage 10 – Contenders in June, 2008 ended in the second round with a superb barrage of punches which left Cubitt in the pool of his own blood. Farid’s performance earned him many credits among the experts. “Kym Farid has the tools and the attitude, as well as some notable holes in his game, but the potential is there and in six to nine months time those holes should be plugged and he will be one dangerous fighter to watch out for”, wrote MMAWeekly in their Cage Rage 10 review.
They were all wrong. In September, 2008 Farid was arrested for cocaine smuggling from France to UK and later jailed for nine years. This could be just another story how someone managed to waste his talent and screw his life but for some reason Farid was released earlier and switched back to MMA training. His comeback fight happened in February, 2015 at UCMMA 42. The seasoned fighter defeated Arunas Climavicius via TKO (punches) in the opening round and stated “I am back!” in his post-fight interview. However, a single fight never proves someone is back, with the exception of possible Fedor’s win over Werdum if they have a rematch in the nearest future.
What really proved Farid is going to make everyone remember his fighting record instead of his crime record was his second bout. At UCMMA 43 on May 2, 2015, Kym Farid was set to face Fash Ostowar from Wales. Despite the fact that Ostowar’s record showed no wins and three losses by that time, the Welsh promised ‘it will be an interesting fight’. And he was right, it was interesting to see Ostowar showing everyone how one should not fight in the cage.
Seriously, we have no idea what those left hand moves by Ostowar meant. Was he trying to pet Farid’s shoulder, scratch him or what? We’ll never know as the former cocaine smuggler stopped Ostowar’s so called assault with his right hand and then dropped him to the mat with a solid left. The furious ground and pound followed making Ostowar’s nose bleed badly making referee Grant Waterman intervene.
Since that time Farid has had one more fight which also ended with a victory and made his overall MMA record 8-2 – on July 17 he defeated Jimmy Miller via a rear-naked choke in the co-main event of WCMMA – Warrior Challenge 21 in the last minute of the opening round.