Fighter doesn’t touch gloves and gets knocked out in 4 seconds

4 Second one punch KO. State of Florida Record

Are there “unwritten rules” in mixed martial arts? Baseball is famous for having unwritten rules and the players mete out punishment for those that break them in a seemingly arbitrary way. But does MMA have them as well?

Many people have pointed to these unwritten rules of mixed martial arts when commenting about this video. In it Quinton Culpepper scores a super quick KO of Aaron Rosenblum when the two fighters met at Combat Night III.

The fighters get their instructions before the beginning of the first round as usual. As they come out of their corners Culpepper has his hand raised up in the universal signal to touch gloves. However, Rosenblum keeps his hand up protecting his face as he moves in towards Culpepper. It appears that he is not going to touch gloves.

At the very last moment Rosenblum puts his right hand out. It could be an attempt to touch gloves or it could be a punch. No one really knows. Regardless of his intent his left hand is so low that Culpepper is able to land a devastating right hook that puts out Rosenblum’s lights.

He is out for what looks like a long time as the medical staff work on him to bring him back to consciousness. Many people have blamed Rosenblum’s failure to touch gloves at the beginning of the fight as the main reason for his loss, even going so far as to call him a bad sport. This may or may not be true but as always; keep your hands up