Flying knee knockout

Fighter delivers in-fight taunt and gets a knee to the face for his troubles.

Pay attention to this video. Byron Bloodworth and Scott Farhat squared off at Wild Bills Fight Night 39. We pick up the action in the second round. After receiving a swift kick to the head Farhat gives Bloodworth the standard arms-out “come at me, bro” gesture. Apparently Mr. Bloodworth did not take kindly to that.

What comes next is a flying knee to Farhat’s face that puts him right to sleep. Bloodworth jumps on him and gives Farhat two more punches to the face for good measure but they were not needed.

Let this be a lesson to all the fighters out there. While these types of antics can be fun and entertaining they can bite you in the behind and your embarrassing moment will be plastered all over the Internet.

After this fight Bloodworth went on to the UFC and Farhat didn’t. Save the antics and trash talking for the pre-fight events and interviews. Once the bell rings it should be all about business. On a side note, the dude’s expression at the end if the video is priceless. Check it out.