Flying knee knockout with 1 second left in the round

Watch the whole video for replay.

When a knee meets a head the knee usually wins. And this fight is no different. Steve McCabe lands a flying knee in the last seconds of the first round to score a very rare victory. He squared off against Zachary Burhans at Xtreme Fight Events – Cage Wars 5 and put his knees to good use.

McCabe looks sharp and controls the action for the entire fight. Burhans throws a looping left hand and leans right into McCabe’s flying knee. The knee lands right on the temple of Burhans and the ref stops the fight with only a second or two left in the round as he kneels over Burhans’ motionless body.

To call Steve McCabe a journeyman fighter would be an understatement. He has a current record of 6-16 and he has been finished in all 16 losses (13 by submission and 3 by KO) and is currently on a four fight losing streak.

However, his overall record should not diminish this awesome knockout. In fact it may make it more impressive. Call it a fluke or a good matchup, this KO deserves our attention. It is certainly the highlight of a long MMA career that hasn’t had many positive results and it is something that Steve McCabe can point to with pride. For one night he was a great fighter and gave the crowd a KO to remember.