Floyd Mayweather SENIOR Gets Sucker Punched!

Mayweather’s posse punished the bully in the most brutal fashion!

Welterweight Charlie Zelenoff only fought once in his boxing career in 2008 and lost the bout – the guy was disqualified because he kept spitting out his mouthpiece all the time. That didn’t prevent Charlie from becoming an internet celebrity. He recorded numerous videos with him talking about his epic wins, massive knockouts – actually Zelenoff proclaims himself the G.O.A.T in boxing.

He also threatens other boxers and sometimes gets punished for that. Zelenoff hit the headlines when WBC Heavyweight mandatory title challenger Deontay Wilder almost knocked him out for cyber bullying the boxer and his daughter. But things like that cannot stop the real internet troll and Zelenoff is a dedicated one. Later he called that beating ‘a fluke’ and insisted on a rematch.

His most well-known fight happened when he challenged then 59-year-old Floyd Mayweather, Sr. in Vegas. Zelenoff started with several hooks which forced Mayweather to cover up but soon after debut Mayweather came back and outclassed Zelenoff forcing him to get out of the ring. And then the ugliest thing happened. As Mayweather, who was pretty sure the comedy was over, turned his back to the challenger and walked away, Zelenoff rushed for a sucker punch. It remains unclear whether he really landed it or just tried to, as Mayweather’s posse went after him and gave him a much huger beating than Mayweather did.

That sucker punch allowed Zelenoff to claim his victory and challenge Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and the world heavyweight champ Wladimir Klitschko. Hope they won’t ever accept the challenge, because the kid appears to be seriously ill. Actually, that’s just what his father, Eugene Zelenoff, admitted in one of the interviews, saying that his son ‘is going to be killed some day’. So the best reaction to his challenges and insults is probably not getting in the ring with him.