Floyd Mayweather’s Punch-Out!

This video was made before the fight. Are these guys from the future?

Mayweather versus Pacquiao may not have been the greatest fight, but it will produce memes for years to come, and that entertainment will last a lifetime.
“Call me old school but I like the fans getting their money’s worth by watching an action packed fight”, Oscar de la Hoya posted on Twitter after Floyd Mayweather was named a winner in the bout against Manny Pacquiao. Yes, a fight of the 21st century in no way resembles a fight of the 20th century. You want to see war, blood and ferocious threshing – get yourself a “Rocky” DVD. You pay three thousand plus bucks to watch the biggest boxing event – get ready to see two guys playing chess in the ring.
“I was a better man tonight, a more calculated fighter, I took my time, had patience”, Floyd said during a post fight press conference. “Calculated” is the key word here – Arturo Gatti probably would never reach stardom should he fight these days.
Floyd overcalculated Manny. Pacquiao’s only chance was to get Maywether involved into the real fight but Floyd was perfect at keeping the distance and ruining Manny’s attacks at the start. He didn’t forget to throw shots which might have been not vicious enough but they were more effective. Mayweather hit the target 148 times compared to 81 precise shot by Manny. After the fight Pacquiao mentioned his arm injury which, in his own words, prevented him from necessary training for two weeks. Mayweather countered, saying his both arms and hands were injured but if he was the loser he would only say that his opponent was a better boxer.
Many people don’t like or even hate Mayweather – no one likes guys who say and believe that they are better than the others. When Floyd says “I am an American dream”, he means it and the expression of his face bears no self-irony at all. But his usual calmness abandoned him when he started talking about what preceded the fight.
“Everyone was saying for years that I was scared and ‘Floyd will lose’. You guys all said it. So tomorrow for all those who wrote bad stories about me – I will wake up early and I wanna see your stories tomorrow. And once again, you guys <will> go again. Let me enjoy my victory. Can I enjoy my victory, please?” – that’s when Floyd gained most sincere applause and cheering from the media crowd.
Those who wanted Manny to win admitted that Mayweather was more likely to do that. Jesus, even Freddie Roach considered losing and said he’d be “a laughingstock of boxing” if Mayweather wins. This can be a suitable motivation only if you are a samurai. So let’s have it – many of us hoped that Pacquiao would defeat Mayweather but we knew miracles are rare. The fight’s outcome is no surprise then. What is a surprise is Floyd’s announcement that he will relinquish all his belts on Monday, May 4. “Monday I will relinquish all belts. You know, other fighters need to get the chance. I’m not greedy” – these words give us a little hope. There’s not much time left until Floyd and the last of Klitchkos retire. And maybe we’ll see another kind of boxing in the forthcoming “fights of the century”.