Flash Knockout. Combat Sambo Tournament

Unexpected flash high-kick. First round Knockout.

We would probably say martial sambo knockout videos don’t really get much better than this. A little bit of spoiler here: it’s a head kick knockout video. But wait, we are sure you will still enjoy it a lot, even now that we have told you this.

Rustam Khasanov (in the red) is quite a rising martial sambo star. A Candidate for Master according to the Russian ranking system, he is a member of the Action-force fight team. His notable competition appearances include M-1 Challenge 40 and Lappeenranta Fight Night 8. At just a little less than 155 pounds, he is about 5’7 – and looking fast and strong at the same time.

Rustam’s opponent here is Salokhutdin Guraev of the Beta team, St. Petersburg. By the way, the fight you are about to witness took place in early March 2013 in St. Petersburg. It was the North-Western Martial Sambo Cup. It was the second stage of the tournament, and everybody was looking forward to see what kind of skills Mr. Khasanov would show, having a few successful fights behind his back already.

We are off to a bit of a slow start here. Both fighters are wary and cautious, dancing around the ring, waiting for each other to make a mistake. A few low kick attempts are made by both, with little effect. It’s almost hard to believe the fight hasn’t even been going on for a minute, right? Eventually, as the two move around the ring, Rustam ends up in one of the corners. This is here where he decides to take action. This left high kick pretty much comes out of nowhere, hitting the opponent’s head with amazing precision. The kick sends Mr. Guraev on the floor, which is really not surprising at all. A storm of applause is well-deserved here.