Five-year old acts just like Bruce Lee reborn!

They should film an “Enter the Dragon” remake when he grows up!

Impersonating Bruce Lee is not that easy as you might thing despite the fact that there’s hardly anyone who haven’t heard of the martial arts legend or haven’t seen his movies. Impersonating Conor McGregor is in fashion but most of the imitators just try to copy his accent and talking manner. With Bruce you have to be good at martial arts even to produce a slightly resembling copy.
Five-year old Ryusei was born long after Lee’s death but his obsession with the great martial artist is obvious. The kid doesn’t just like to watch Bruce Lee movies but reenacts the most well known scenes with immaculate precision and great stamina. When you watch him mirroring the nunchaku scene from “Enter the Dragon”, Bruce’s last movie before death, you just can’t help the feeling that Bruce never died. The Japanese kid performs a martial arts routine as the original scene is being played on the screen behind him and you just don’t find any difference! And when he sits down with nunchaku on his neck and you see that look in his eyes, it feels like the kid is not just mirroring Bruce Lee but he actually is living his life.
Ryusei’s father is his coach and though teaching a five-year old the art of nunchaku may look arguable as far as security is concerned, the result is stunning and worth praise.
“Enter the Dragon” was released in 1973, six days after Bruce Lee’s death and became his final film appearance. Some of the footage was used in the “Game of Death” movie later. The movie is considered one of the greatest martial arts films of all time, both by critics and fans.