First punch KO in an amateur superheavyweight clash!

One big punch and all over!

“Whatever happens, we have got the Maxim Gun and they have not” – these world known lines by Hilaire Belloc could fit Derrick Martinez’s fighting style well with “Maxim Gun” substituted by “the deadly punch”. This superheavyweight fighter wastes no time on running all around the cage, throwing combos and stuff. He knows for sure, all it takes to win the game is one lucky punch. That said, his arsenal includes much more, as he was nominated three times amateur Muay Thai champion in New Jersey and New York.

In January, 2014, Martinez, who fights out of Dominator MMA, faced Team Boost’s Lionel Matthews at Spar Star in Inglewood, CA. Matthews is a big guy too but not so big as Martinez and probably more agile. So his fight plan, as it seemed, was based on constant moving, throwing quick and nasty low kicks and punches, making his opponent get short of breath. It could have worked, by the way, but twenty seconds after the start Matthews performed a roundhouse spinning kick which was a miss and then suffered a short but devastating and precise punch which made him collapse and the ref wave off the bout.