Final of the TFC Event. 5 vs 5 MMA rules team fight

Video of final Fight of the TFC Event 1 LPH (Poznan, Poland) vs JungVolk (Moscow, Russia)

Here is the TFC Event 1 Final Fight LPH (Poznan, Poland) vs JungVolk (Moscow, Russia). JungVolk did not have a full line up for the final, so LPH agreed to put a team of 4, thank once again LPH.

That’s our second post in a row on the first ever Team Fighting Championship. Five teams of four fighters each fought in this contest, with LPH from Poznan, Poland and Jungvolk from Moscow, Russia emerging as the opponents in the final and decisive match.

The slimmer Russians’ chances against LPH appear to be not any higher than the other teams’, who fought this well-oiled gang of four Poles, praised by the female announcer for their “sports behavior”. However, the opening clash produces no knockouts and the individual fights turn into the heaps on the floor, wrestling for a position not to allow the opponent to punch or gain such advantage for oneself. In just one pair the Polish fighter remains in control of the situation, circling around the Russian and ultimately knocking him out, after which he goes on to help his partners.

The 5,000 Euro check is little compensation for the bruises but if this new format picks up steam, the prize will grow, too.