Fighter with Asperger’s syndrome scores a ten second knockout in a heavyweight clash

Wadsworth got beaten by Kenny for the second time!

Shawn “Caveman” Kenny, a personal trainer at several gyms in Liverpool, scored a great knockout in his fight against Paul “Hulk Smash” Wadsworth at FCC 14 last week. The amateur heavyweight title bout featured Kenny as the current champion and Wadsworth as the contender.
These two previously met in March at FCC 12 in the fight for the then vacant heavyweight title. Though Kenny finished the bout in the first round with a vicious right punch to Wadsworth’s jaw, the victory was not at all easily achieved. In the opening seconds Wadsworth, who was the crowd’s favorite, landed some nasty body kicks and then connected with a huge right hand that knocked Kenny down. If Wadsworth were just a little faster, the bout could have ended just then. However, “Hulk Smash” wasted a brilliant opportunity and later was caught by a precise and perfectly timed hook.
This time, as the two heavuweights locked horns at the Macron Arena in Bolton, Shawn Kenny concentrated on finishing the fight as soon as possible, because with an opponent like Wadsworth any missed punch can be the last one. Luckily for Kenny his game plan worked perfectly when he caught his opponent with a highlight reel left hook and dropped him out cold on the canvas.
A ten second win would satisfy any fighter but Kenny stated after the fight there still was something to improve. “I was happy with the result but not the performance. I always nit-pick after a fight and look at things that I could have done better. I guess it’s natural when you want to be the best you can be,” he said in his interview to the Liverpool Echo.
The 29-year old Shawn Kenny served in the Marines but had to leave the military after he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. This is an autism spectrum disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication. Besides, Asperger’s syndrome often causes physical clumsiness, but it’s not Mr. Kenny’s case at all.