Fighter, who pooped in the cage, gives an interview!

You won’t stop smiling while watching this!

If you spent a couple of previous weeks somewhere among the South Pole penguins, you probably don’t know that MMA news at this period of time were full of crap. Team Alpha Male leader Urijah Faber met that drunk girl who broke into his house and let the hell break lose in the fighter’s bathroom. But Travis Wolford’s story was much sadder. The poor guy locked horns with Daniel Cooper at “Ruckus in the Cage” in West Virginia, tapped real soon and then just crapped all over the cage! Later it turned out that Wolford went to Chili Night and ate some hot chili before the fight. Some guys would prefer to lock in their rooms after such a fiasco but Wolford decided to explain what actually happened to him.
Unsurprisingly, Tim Sylvia, who once did just the same, sent the guy a message of support. “He actually messaged and told me that it‘s just one of those things that happen: ‘Just keep driving on and get back on the cage’,” Wolford said in the interview.
Despite the fact that he became a Youtube sensation for a sorry reason, Travis Wolford, who did his military term in Iraq, is willing to pursue a fighter’s career: “I will keep fighting in MMA until I can make my way to the Bellator or UFC. I will continue to do so until Dana White gives me a call!”
And yes, he’s not going to quit eating chili. “I’ll probably eat it again before a fight… It gives you good energy. Beans – high protein, and the spiciness really jacks me up,”, “The Brown Bomber” promises. MMA fighters, you’ve been warned.