Fighter takes a lot of punishment and makes a great comeback

Two fighters give it their all and can barely stand as they trade punches.

How much punishment can one fighter take? If your name is Dan “Diamond” Pauling the answer to that question is “a lot.” Pauling faced off against James Vainikolo at FWC 11 -  Fight World Cup 11 and gave the fans a fight to remember.

The action takes place in the second round and Vainikolo seems to have the upper hand. He peppers Pauling with head shot after head shot. You think the fight is about to end any number of times but Pauling somehow stays on his feet. He takes more shots to the face than Kim Kardashian and keeps coming forward.

As happens often, Vainikolo punches himself out and it looks like he might get knocked out as Pauling turns the tables and starts teeing off. The crowd goes nuts as Pauling lands punch after punch. But they are not doing much damage and Vainikolo remains standing.

Exhausted, both fighters take the fight to the ground where Pauling takes advantage and slaps on an anaconda choke that ends the fight. Both fighters can barely stand but Pauling walks out of the cage with the welterweight belt around his waist.

This is the type of fight that people will be talking about for years later. When two fighters give everything they have and are totally spent by the end you know you have witnessed something special.