MMA fighter refuses to touch the gloves, pays for it!

Fighter receives a terrible beating, scores a huge comeback victory later!

If you feel kind of nostalgic about good old days when MMA meant fighting more than business, the main event bout at 2H2H 6 – Simply the Best 6 is a perfect thing to watch. The fight took place on March 16, 2003 in Rotterdam, Netherlands and featured than 27-year-old Melvin Manhoef and Bob ‘Dirty Bob’ Schrijber who was a vet at that time already.

Manhoef raised the crowds emotions to the limit when he refused to touch gloves before the fight and as the bout started, it looked like his disrespectful conduct wouldn’t be paid for. Manhoef’s punches were severe and precise and there was little wonder he dropped Schrijber in the opening seconds.

It was hard to believe Schrijber would simply make it to the end of the round, not talking about doing Manhoef any harm. The Dutch kickboxer looked clearly stunned and the fact that he was still on his feet seemed some kind of mistake. However, as Manhoef kept landing his brutal punches, Schrijber showed no signs of exhaustion. On the contrary, Melvin Manhoef, who put top energy in every single hit, seemed to lose his confidence and, more importantly, his power.

Finally Schrijber, who concentrated on slam attempts, managed to drop Manhoef to the mat and mounted him. From that moment it was all from bad to worse for Manhoef, who didn’t have enough power left in his hands to get himself protected from the vicious ground and pound payback. Several seconds later the referee had to intervene to stop the punishment, which was fully deserved – you should never behave before the fight like you’ve already won it.