Fighter KOs the opponent and goes berserk!

Nathias Frederick couldn’t stop pounding Ahmed Aswad until ref’s interference.

“I don’t know much about my opponent but I have respect for every opponent”, Ahmed Aswad said in the pre-fight interview before his bout at Fight UK MMA on April 26th, 2014, in Leicester (Leicestershire, England). Well, Ahmed, now you know that Nathias Frederick is a real badass and berserk.

The guys met in the undercard of the show, their cage fight consisting of three 3-minute rounds. It began as a classic striker-vs-wrestler, with Frederick (blue and yellow) combining punches, low and high kicks and Aswad (blue and white) seeking his fortune in takedowns. Aswad’s second takedown attempt was a success, but Frederick didn’t let him get to GnP. While in the stand up, Aswad tried a guillotine choke – no luck again! Still Aswad’s tactics seemed to make sense as Frederick’s strikes, harsh and nasty as they were, appeared not devastating or even harmful enough.

For some mysterious reason Aswad decided he should take to punching. Big mistake, bro! Nathias Frederick caught him quick rocking Ahmed with the first counterattacking strike and sending him to the canvas with the second one. The fact that his opponent was obviously KOed did not confuse Frederick – he kept on grounding and pounding even after Leon Roberts, the ref, hurried to Aswad’s rescue. Roberts seized several seconds of glory of his own, first backtaking Frederick and then rear choking him (not to the end, of course) to stop the massacre.

But honestly, what surprises most of all is not Nathias Frederick’s senseless fury or the ref’s brilliant wrestling skills. It’s the fact that severe punishment did not wipe a broad smile from Aswad’s face.. Man, do you still think MMA is much fun?