Fighter is just absorbing painful body punches

Is he too brave or too stupid?

“This can’t be real. There will be consequences”, Dana White commented on this video that went viral recently. Now, what can surprise someone like Dana, who has been in MMA for so long? Two guys get severely beaten in a gym by their teammates. Let’s forget the second one now because he doesn’t show anything unusual – they hit him in the abs, he takes about three-four shots and then quits because that does hurt. But the first guy is a bomb, he cheers up his friends as they treat him to hammer-like body punches.
The iron man’s name is Redouane Boukerch, a Moroccan native Muay Thai fighter from Netherlands and this is just one of his abs training methods. We know that Muay Thai guys love to train unlike ordinary fighters do but this is way too much even for them. Of course, being hit to the abdomen so violently and regularly helps you not pay unnecessary attention to nasty body shots in the ring. But, man, you cannot just go and buy yourself a new liver when you get your own pummeled.
Someone please tell Redouane about Harry Houdini. A sensational illusionist and stunt performer died soon after a McGill University student, J. Gordon Whitehead threw multiple blows to Houdini’s abdomen in 1926. The reason was Houdini’s statement that no punch in the stomach could hurt him. Whitehead was an animal but it’s always like that – the stronger you are, the more guys want to hit you and check if you really are tough enough.