Fighter goes ‘Hadouken’ before brutalizing his opponent!

The end of the fight was pure “Mortal Kombat” fatality!

The fight between two welterweights, Shane Campbell and Derek Boyle, at World Series Of Fighting 18, could have ended as just another day in the office. As the bout went into the third round, Campbell landed a vicious body kick and sent Boyle to the mat, still there was nothing extraordinary about it. But then, all of a sudden, Campbell, instead of finishing his opponent, stepped back and performed a Hadouken making us nothing but nostalgic.
If you are younger than thirty, the last sentence perhaps needs to be explained. Hadouken aka Psycho Fire is a special move from the video game “Street Fighter” which had a cult status in late 1980s and early 1990s. It’s actually a fireball and there’s absolutely no way you survive if you find yourself on the receiving end of it.
So if Campbell produced a real Hadouken, the fight would have been over without the referee’s decision. However, though the Hadouken was not completely successful, Derek Boyle got disassembled in the most brutal fashion seconds later. Perhaps, the referee was too impressed by Campbell’s action – Shane Campbell had landed about fifteen unanswered ground and pound punches on Boyle’s head before the third man in the cage decided he saw just enough. Due to referee’s late stoppage the bout which had a Hadouken move in the beginning, ended with Derek Boyle being brutalized by “Mortal Kombat” fatality. Or maybe, fatalized by brutality, whatever.