Fighter gets knocked out cold

Dude Gets KO’d, Does Impression Of Dead Person.

Every MMA fans loves a good knockout. If they had it their way every fight would end by a KO in the first round. If that were the case every fight card would have fifty fights. However, there are some knockouts that that are pretty brutal and they leave the fans worried about the welfare of the fighter.

Eugene Neal and Gabriel Carrasco provided one such experience. They faced off Born To Fight XVII and the fight ended in the first round. Neal dropped his hands for a split second and Carrasco made him pay. With a quick overhand right Carrasco connects and it is obvious that Neal is out before he hits the ground.

Laying motionless on the canvas, Neal looks like he is auditioning for the part of Random Dead Body on an episode of Law & Order. Thankfully, after a minute the medical staff has him on his back and he is alert.

Some fans seem to forget that Mixed Martial Arts is an artform. There are techniques involved. Skills and strategy are part of the sport. Not every fight has to end in a knockout for it to be an exciting fight or for the fans to get their money’s worth. Knockouts are great but fighter safety should come first. We want all these fighters to have long careers so they can reach their goals and provide us with exciting fights for years to come.