Fighter Gets Knocked Out and Sticks to the Fence

Fighter lands Post-It Note Kick in unregulated Michigan bout.

Sport is unpredictable. A kid playing soccer in the street can score a wonderful goal which can make Lionel Messi proud. And an MMA fight can turn into a great show even if it happens in some godforsaken place, like Vanderbilt (Michigan), which is actually a village with a little more than 500 people living there.

Cody Biehl (striped trunks) and Wayland Comanche (black trunks) met in a cage at a charity event named “Vendetta in Vanderbilt 3: Saving Vanderbilt” on the 20th of September, 2014. All the money raised from the MMA show, organized by a local high school graduate and a former MMA fighter Eric Garrison, was donated to support Vanderbilt High’s sports programs.

With 18 bouts on the card and So Fly Combat League (SFCL) members Taylor Moore and Jose Johnson as the main event participants, Biehl/Comanche’s fight could become just one of the many. It did not, thanks to Wayland Comanche.

Honestly, Cody Biehl’s fight plan remained unclear – for forty seconds in the cage he just kept reacting to his opponent’s actions, throwing single knee and hand strikes and trying to clinch Wayland. On the opposite, from almost the very beginning Comanche showed that he’s good enough at low and high kicking – so there’s little surprise in the fact that Wayland’s high kick was the last thing Biehl saw before he fell down unconscious.
By the way, Wayland Comanche showed a great example of a fighter discipline and respect to his opponent, not landing a series of unnecessary “finishing” strikes at Cody Biehl after knocking him out. Mind this and watch him bowing to his rival after the end of the bout – yeah, this guy truly has a heart.