Fighter freaks out and armbars his opponent in a boxing match

That’s what happens when passion rules the game too much.

Jokes about boxers are numerous. We all heard that TGIF on boxing shoes stands for “toes go in first” or that a Bud Light bottle and a boxer are both empty from the neck up. Yeah, those who don’t box do think that boxers are not too smart.

On the contrary, those who like boxing, know that fighting in the ring busies your brain not less than muscle. Guessing your opponent’s tactics and actions, thinking of countermeasures and doing all that in a blink of an eye – that’s some hard mental work. And when you’re not concentrated and your brain somewhat turns off, you can easily lose even if you think you’ve just won the fight.

That’s just what we see in this vid taken at an amateur boxing bout in Russia. A guy in blue, red and white seemed to get so upset and angry at being knocked down that he absolutely forgot it was boxing. A clinch quickly turned into an unexpected and successful suplex followed by a head punch and then an armbar. Not only the second boxer didn’t expect that, the ref looked stunned as well and rushed to rescue only by the moment of the armbar.

What was the “tricolor” guy thinking of, we’ll probably never know. This bout ended as a complete fiasco for him. But if you try to “look at the bright side of life” just like Monty Python taught us, you can see that he sure has some MMA skills. Let’s hope he does better next time, no matter if it’s a ring or a cage, a boxing bout or an MMA fight.