Fight club boxing. Taunting fail knockout

You ask for a punch – you get one.

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Watford is a small town, lying 17 miles northwest of London. With ninety thousands of population it’s mostly known for its soccer team and Cassiobury Park full of wonderful daffodils. But for those who prefer a good fight to nature admiring Watford is also a place where Guy Richie’s “Snatch” meets David Fincher’s “Fight Club” at Fight Club Boxing. The show is promoted and hosted by Ricky English, a former boxer and a professional trainer. Mr. English does not just drill members of Callowland Youth Amateur Boxing Club who hope to join England’s boxing team for the Olympics some day, but gives amateur fighters a great opportunity to test their skills in front of a friendly and sympathizing audience.

The feeling of “you want blood – you got it” fills the tightly packed hall driving the spectators crazy and giving the fighters an immense boost. Guys who take part at Fight Club Boxing sometimes do lack technique but they sure don’t lack passion and spirit. This video is a clear example of that. Both fighters are very far from being well-known even locally. For sure, the bald guy who suffers a vicious knockdown in the very beginning of the bout and then gets KOed, holds his chin too high and his striking suggests he might have had too much porter the day before. But who cares? Being obviously weaker than his opponent he still teases the guy in St.George shorts asking for a head punch jokingly. And he doesn’t have to wait long – a solid punch gets landed on his jaw just a couple of seconds later.

Fight Club Boxing differs from any well-known boxing tournament just as well as a garage band having its first gig differs from a world-known pop-star. It’s drive without any adding of hype, glamour and commerce. It’s 100 percent pure.