Female MMA fighter knocks her opponent out cold!

Krav Maga instructor lands a super knockout punch in her debut fight!

What happens when a Krav Maga specialist gets in the cage? As this Israeli native self-defence system is aimed at the fastest possible enemy neutralization, the fight is supposed to be quite brutal and quick. When Krav Maga instructor from Las Vegas Cheyenne Hinsey appeared in the main card for Tuff’n’Uff Mayhem in Mesquite VI in March, 2015, her fight became the best example what Krav Maga approach to MMA looks like. And mind that was her debut bout.

Cheyenne’s opponent was Chloe Waters Allen, that was her third amateur fight. As Chloe lost two previous battles, fighting a first-timer could seem a good chance to restore her good name and win. Allen made a very resolute start landing numerous punches at Hinsey, Cheyenne wasn’t going to be in any debt though and responded violently. It seemed both girls threw almost a hundred shots in the first thirty seconds. Allen even looked better, she clinched Hinsey with her left hand and attacked her with nasty body shots from the right. Then the debutant missed two shots to the head, and Allen rushed for the final assault. That was her biggest mistake – Hinsey landed a big right hand which rocked Allen and the second right punch was just a bomb, it knocked Allen out cold. The referee Mark Snith didn’t hesitate to interfere and protected Chloe from further punishment ruling the bout a knockout.