Female grappler chokes out a guy with a RNC

Courtnie Korpela puts to sleep her male opponent

Courtnie Korpela of Red Schafer Mixed Martial Arts uses an arm drag to rear naked choke to render her male opponent unconscious at the Waukesha Open 4 at Waukesha MMA in Waukesha, Wisconsin. This event took place on 12/10/2011.
In this somewhat unsual match a female grappler took on a male opponent. The video starts with the male male competitor in top position. Courtnie quickly escapes and takes her opponent’s back. She sinks in the rear naked choke, she got it and starts squeezing. Her opponent refuses to tap, trying to tough it out but the choke was sunk in deep and he went out, getting choked out unconscious. The referee wakes up our male grappler and Courtnie Korpela is declared the winner by submission.