Female Bout Ends With Brutal Knockout

Main Event: Champ Alexa Conners Vs Allison Ainley

On the regional scene, female fighter Alexa Conners defeated Allison Ainley in the first round of their fight via K.O. Alexa Conners def Allison Ainley via KO at 2:52 of Round One.

Round One: The crowd is going insane for this one! Here we go! They trade shots, Allison taking center. Allison chasing Conners with big hands but missing. Nice strike for Allison. Huge right hook lands for Alexa, followed by a nice uppercut. Ainley has Conners slightly bloodied and lands another crisp combo. Big Superman punch lands perfect for Conners, Ainley not backing down. Allison letting some low kicks go now, as Alexa sneaks in a whopping right straight that folds Ainley and she is completely out. The crowd explodes as Conners defends the 145 strap here tonight in her hometown!