Fat muay thai fighter scores a brutal knockout and does a funny victory dance!

He does take damage but still wins!

    Martial arts have mysterious ways. Now every successful fighter dreams about it as a kid, trains hard day and night and sacrifices everything to be the strongest in the ring or cage. Sometimes you just don’t understand how some people come to combat sports and choose it as their lifework.

In the mid 2000-s internet was the only Matthew Semper’s battleground. In his high school years he was a member of online gaming guild Genocide X and, in his own words, “took gaming a little too seriously”. This kind of approach turned into huge weight and health problems for Matthew, whose most common nickname at that time was reported to be “Fat Matt”. His life changed when he didn’t recognize himself on a photo. Since that time Matt Semper started training at Five Points Academy in Manhattan, NYC.

Matt confesses he looked at Muay Thai only as a means to reduce weight but his dedication to the new hobby grew stronger every day and in 2008, after the first year at Five Points Academy he decided to study Muay Thai at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp in Phuket, Thailand. That was where he realized fighting was the thing he wanted most. After a short stay in the USA he moved to Thailand again – this time not only to train but to fight for a living. And he does well, as you can see in this video. Matt’s fighting manner is a mixture of patience and devastating kicks and punches which make him extremely dangerous to the opponents and well-known among Phuket Muay Thai fans. He’s still quite big and may seem a little slow but this time you wouldn’t like to call him “Fat Matt”. “Grizzly Matt” fits him better.