Fast knockout. Vinicius de Jesus VS Anderson Silva

24 second fast knockout.

Vinicius de Jesus VS Anderson Silva is a short bout but still there is little intrigue in it. It’s all about the name. This is absolutely curious story full of questions, not answers.
Vinicius de Jesus is a lightweight Brazilian kickboxer who was happy with his victory like a kid! Anderson Silva was defeated with strong punch without much effort as it seems. It happened at the 24 second. It was enough to make just a couple of punches for knockout after Vinicius de Jesus dumped the opponent on the canvas. Great job!
Excellent techniques and dynamism are actually the qualities of the winner. This is what we had time to notice. The opponent’s punches were also precise but he seemed to be not so good at guarding. The ability to withstand the attack is a must here. If you can’t endure the opponent’s aggression you are doomed to lie unconscious on the ring. Not a great perspective, right? One should be like a rock to succeed in MMA. Yes, that is hard but it’s the essence of this sport. The skill of attacks will not help you much if you are beaten at the 24 second.
But all I said is right for the novice, not a person with such a famous name. If you do not know Anderson Silva, then you should study his bio. This Brazilian MMA fighter was a champion at UFC Middleweight. And do you know what? The longest title defense streak at UFC is held by this very guy – and you will never make me believe that the person you see unconscious on the canvas, the one who was KOed at the 24 second mark into the fight is Anderson Silva. 16 consecutive wins and 10 title defenses at UFC made him a legend. UFC president Dana White called him the greatest MMA fighter of all time. And who is this guy? Why did he steal this name? He should be called differently. If this is a joke, then not a good one.