Fast and vicious MMA knockout

Two punches send the fighter sleeping near the cage

You’re about to see one of the most quick and vicious knockouts in MMA. Certainly I can’t remember watching anybody getting knocked out as fast and as brutal as this fighter in the video.
This bout took place back in 2004 in St. Paul, Minnesota. A fight between Jami Klair and Jesse Veium.
The fighters decided not to touch the gloves and get straight to the business. And it paid off for one of them and sent the other one sleeping near the cage. It was Klair who landed a monster right punch to Veium’s jaw. Seems like the first punch might have already done the damage but Klair was able to push his stunned opponent away while landing another right hand that sent Veium falling backwards with his mouthpiece flying away.
According to the promoter it took about 25 minutes to get Jesse Veium ”back to life”.