Fakes Glove Tap, Gets Knocked Out Seconds Later

Fighter decided to fake touching gloves only to be knocked out by karma seconds later.

If karma exists this is the case when it reminds us of it. Get ready to answer for all your wrongdoings!  Adam Fyfe aka Silverback Vs Alex Thorne, who represented  Phoenix Academy, is an interesting fight right from this viewpoint. There is no need to try so hard over you techniques if you fight like scum. Life will punish you – usually it is not so fast but sometimes it happens immediately. If you do not believe in it, watch this bout – an evident example of karma’s work. What do you think?
What has actually happened? Adam Fyfe faked the sportsman’s tap and paid for it. But it seems that that was not his opponent’s rage. Someone from above decided to give him a lesson.
Some viewers consider that he should quit MMA if he does such things. The mistakes of this kind will haunt him all his life. The fighters who try to win no matter what are not liked and not respected. Such things can be in the way of the future kickboxer’s career.
There is ethics one should not forget about. Tapping gloves is a sign of respect and it works greatly not to turn beautiful sport into stupid bloody arena, where fighters hate each other.
It is surprising that Alex Thorne that won the fight eventually still hugged the opponent after the fight.
But there is something here that looks suspicious. The commentator did not mention this fact. Yes, we know, tapping is not obligatory but still it’s strange. Second, Alex Thorne did not look as if he was going to greet the opponent either. As if something was skipped and we do not see the whole picture.
Anyway, there is one thing that must be remembered as axiom. We should stay humans even on the ring. If this is a problem, you should not stay in MMA.