Epic transformer-like submission ends a nogi grappling duel

All hail triangle choke!

Today Andris Brunovskis is a BJJ black belt. They say, he’s known in the Brazilian jiu jitsu community mostly for his creative approach to jiu jitsu bouts. However, the word “creative” suggests an excessive number of interpretations. Fortunately, we have this video which explains what Andris means when he goes creative. And here’s what we think: this is the most insane strategy we’ve ever seen. What’s more important, it does work!
It looks like Christopher Broudnax, Andris’ opponent for that bout, was absolutely stunned by what he had seen. Sure, transformers are fun when you watch them on a movie screen or at home. But what if you realised they do exist? In less than a second Brunovskis had turned into a fantastis creature that had legs and arms installed upside down and slightly reminded of a human being. Anyone would stop to figure out what to do.
The triangle choke which Andris performed then was taken perfectly – the twenty-year old jiu jitsu artist left no chance for Christopher Broudnax. It’s so strange and unfair that Brunovskis became widely known only in 2014 when this video went viral. Nowadays, Andris Brunovskis is a two-time World Champion, a Pan American Champion and a second place winner at World No Gi Championship and American Nationals.
His BJJ career started in 2006 as he started to train with Darren Branch at Avolution Jiu Jitsu in Cleveland, Ohio. Then Andris moved to Sacramento where he continued training at Cassio Werneck‘s academy. Later Andris was scouted by Lloyd Irvin and moved to Maryland where he lived in a house with his team mates. However, in 2013 the Team Lloyd Irvin scandal broke out, involving facts of sexual harrassment and cult-like environment implanted by the team’s leader. That made most of the students, including Brunovskis, leave TLI. Fortunately, Andris managed to regroup – he joined the Atos Jiu Jitsu Academy in 2014 and earned his black belt there.