Epic “This is Sparta” kick by Andrei Arlovski!

That kick makes “The Pitbull“ look even more like King Leonidas!

The “300” movie being a huge hit, it was no surprise that King Leonidas’s “This is Sparta!” shout became a meme soon after its release. What is a surprise is the fact that it took almost five years until Andrei Arlovsky, a one hundred percent Leonidas’s reincarnation, created his version of the most famous scene from the “300”.

This video is dated January, 2011 and that was actually a hard time for Arlovski. With three losses in a row to Fedor Emelianenko, Brett Rogers and Antonio Silva respectively he was set to face Sergei Kharitonov in February (that fight also ended with Arlovski’s defeat via knockout in the opening round). Anyway, we see “The Pitbull” full of fun and energy. Honestly, this is a rare video – it’s not often you happen to see four classy fighters in a 23 second long piece! Jon Jones is unaware of the future troubles with the law yet and hosts the show, Carlos Condit plays the part of a silent towel holder, John “The Magician” Dodson is a Persian ambassador and a musician according to Jones and Arlovski – well, of course, he lands that kick and makes that roar. The kick is devastating enough and Dodson acts wisely jumping back before he is hit.

Top fighters with total record of 92-25, everyone having fun, no one gets hurt – what more can you want when you happen to watch a funny MMA video? In this particular case maybe we could only wish Jon Jones didn’t do what he did.