Crazy running punch knockout

A great run-up and a vicious final punch end the bout in 20 seconds!

Nobody can predict whether Nikko Glasper, an amateur MMA fighter from Illinois, will build a great career in the cage. But he has already gone down in history thanks to his twenty-second-long bout against another amateur, Tommy Sthair, at Nemesis Fighting Alliance: A Warriors Welcome in Arnold, Missouri (August, 2nd, 2014).

Well, twenty seconds is not much but Youtube’s full of vids showing bouts which last ten, five or even three seconds before KO happens. So time is not what makes Glasper’s win so special, it’s the attack itself. Unfortunately all videos of this fight available on the Internet don’t show what happened in the very beginning of it. And it really matters because we see Tommy Sthair standing on one knee or maybe trying to stand up. Was Sthair knocked down or was it a foul or anything else – we’ll probably never know.

Nevertheless, Nikko Glasper’s attack is a masterpiece. He takes a 10-yard running start which ends with a brutal KOing left upper punch. A series of finishing strikes was already unnecessary – it was all over for Tommy Sthair.

Bas Rutten, who hosts “Inside MMA” on AXS TV, dubbed that a “Usain Bolt Punch”, paying tribute to a world-famous athlete. No offense, Bas, but maybe a “cheetah punch” or a “Predator’s punch” would be more suitable – Glasper’s way too ferocious to be compared to “Lightning Bolt”