Epic Karate Knockout

Epic karate knockout of the 2013, Shinkyokushinkai karate

If we had to pick just this one video that would be the epitome of what a perfect karate knockout is, it would be this one. Moskalenko Semyon has already become a Russian legend of Shinkyokushinkai karate. Here, he does something you pretty much have only witnessed in movies and possibly Street Fighter before. This piece was filmed at a Russian PPO Karate Championship back in 2013. Not super recent news, we know, but we feel like everybody should see it. On the 10-point epicness and badassness scale, this is a definite 10, if not more. Check it right out if you haven’t already. Even if you have, it’s worth another replay, honestly.

Semyon and his opponent exchange a few kicks and punches. You are not really sure where all of this is going. One thing is for sure, when it’s Mr. Moskalenko we are dealing with, chances are things are about to get intense. The video is quite brief, but it has already become a classic in its own right. We mean, with almost 3 million views at the time we are writing this, it’s pretty much a must see.

Doing a kick that somehow has fans up in arms, Semyon Moskalenko brings his rival to the ground in the way you most likely had no idea was even possible. For somebody who is not an arcade game character, that is. People are still arguing what to call this move. Bicycle kick? Rolling overhead kick? Check the comments and the articles and you’ll see there may not be a universal name for this thing just yet. One thing is for sure, Mr. Moskalenko knocked out his adversary in a way that combines creativity, physical precision, serious strategizing, and one hell of an impact as well. Enjoy this gem right now.