Epic 360 spinning jump kick KO

Epic knockout by Carl van Roon, a spinning jump kick in Jamaica in 2010.

Carl van Roon is without any doubt a taekwondo legend, not only in his native New Zealand but also all over the world. If you need proof, this video right here is the perfect example of this extremely skilled (and dangerous) kiwi working his magic.

It’s Jamaica, it’s 2010, it’s ISKA World Cup, and it was only last year that Carl has become Grand Champion at the ITF World Championship in Argentina. If we have been his opponent now, we would have been quite nervous. Maybe he is, that dude. He looks completely hypnotized by Carl who looks super concentrated and quite predator-like. Balanced. Ready to attack. The guy does not stand a chance as Carl jumps and spins around, his foot hitting the opponent’s head with a loud thump. The thump is followed by a loud uproar from the crowd. Whoa. The guy is completely KO’d – who wouldn’t be. Once again, Mr. van Roon shines at a major international event. They say he is known for his thesis research on the role of self-talk in motivation for athletes. What kind of self-talk could he have given himself here? We are not sure, but we do know his opponent will need a little bit of time before he is able to do any kind of talk at all.