Amazing spinning backfist KO by Emanuel Newton!

“King Mo” called that win “a fluke”, so next time Newton made it last five rounds.

Bad news for all Emanuel Newton’s personal fans – after his loss to Liam McGeary at Bellator 134 he got 90 days of suspension as his marijuana test proved positive. Perfect time to remember that “The Hardcore Kid” still is more of a fighter than of a smoker. The best proofs are his record of 25-8 and the video of his devastating spinning back fist KO in a bout against Muhammed Lawal at Bellator 90 on February 21, 2013.

When Newton and Lawal were set to meet in the light heavyweight semifinal, few would have thought “King Mo” will have any serious problems with going through to the final and then winning the title. Newton appeared to be obviously underestimated not only by the audience but by his rival as well. Since the very start of the fight Newton held his own, throwing punches and kicks and making the former Strikeforce champion to counter most of the time. Lawal kept his hands low and after two minutes and a half it finally served him bad.

After Emanuel Newton threw an overhand right, Lawal decided to reply with a right hook, keeping his guard down. A spinning back fist came as if out of nowhere and got “King Mo” right on the button. As Lawal crumbled to the mat in slow mo, Newton grabbed him for the rear choke but was stopped by the referee.

Later, upset with his quick and unexpected loss, Muhammed Lawal called the outcome of the fight “a fluke”. When it was announced that Lawal and Newton would meet at Bellator 106 in November, 2013, “King Mo” came out with a bold “everything-goes-as-planned” statement: “Last time was a fluke, man. Straight up. Everybody knows it, and Emanuel is the one who is going to have to prove that it wasn’t. I’m going to show him what the real deal is. I knew that, in Bellator, if I kept on winning, we would eventually fight each other again, so I wasn’t really worried, because I knew I was going to fight him.”

The rematch took all five rounds, but Lawal was not lucky to even the score as Newton was announced a winner by unanimous decision. Emanuel admitted this win was very important for him and said that he was pleased that the bout lasted for 25 minutes: “In some parts of me, I’m glad it went all five, because that shows it wasn’t just a lucky, one-punch knockout and that I can compete with the toughest fighters in the world”. “King Mo” produced no post-fight statement worth remembering that time – and really, what could he say?