Elbow strike knocks the guy out cold!

This guy does not live with Jiu Jitsu alone!

Elbow knockouts are special. A punch or a kick may come sloppy and clumsy and still destroy the opponent. An elbow shot is none the less efficient but it’s always fast, brutal and worth watching. You’ve seen a great elbow knockout by a former pro boxer, how about watching another good elbow – by a judoka this time?

The fighter’s name is Kevin Bostick and his way to the cage was rather tough. As a teenager, California native was known to all the local cops and he graduated from High School while in youth detention center. Fortunately for himself and MMA fans, after serving time in prison Kevin realized it was just the time to change something and started studying Jiu-jitsu with Wander Braga in Upland, CA. But Bostick, who holds a four-stripe purple belt in BJJ, knows how to land strikes as well. In 2009 he won his amateur debut MMA bout by a TKO in the opening round. His pro career started in July 2010 with another win, once again in the opening round by KO this time. Kevin is also a co-trainer at Wander Braga, today he’s a husband and a father and a dedicated believer.

On April 10 this year Kevin was set to fight Chris Costello at BAMMA 15 and it didn’t take him long again – in the final minute of the opening round he delivered a wild elbow blow which made Costello fall like a ragdoll. While medics were helping Costello to recover, Kevin climbed the fence to say several words of prayer. “I asked God to take control in this fight and to guide me to victory, so it was only right that I thank him first”, he wrote later on Facebook.