Eight-second knockout in a women MMA bout

Easy as ABC, isn’t it?!

“The amount of emotions that ran through my body was such an incredible experience and I got to share it with my coach who is also my boyfriend. I worked so hard in that fight camp and my boyfriend was there with me every day making sure I was ready to win that fight. I beat the girl at her own game. I got in her head and made her doubt herself. Winning that fight and jumping into my boyfriends arms was the best feeling in the world”. Those are Bobby Cooper’s words on her win over Tori Music. So romantic – thanks, Bobby, it can’t be said any better.

Amanda Bobby Cooper or ABC started as a boxer, her first bout happened at the age of eleven. Her father, an ex-marine, was her first coach and the one who suggested that he should take to MMA. He was right – now 23-year old ABC is one of the top MMA women fighters in her native Michigan with 8-3 amateur and 1-0 pro record. Last year she signed with Invicta Fighting Championships, a world championship All Pro Women’s MMA fight series, and now is looking forward to get the Invicta title in 125 lbs. weight category.

On March, 9th, 2012 Cooper was going to make a debut at Warriors Xtreme Cagefighting show, her bout against Tori Music as main event of the night. Bobby started with a head punch from her right which was just on the button and stunned Music. The second shot was less precise but more devastating – Cooper threw an overhand hook which got behind Tori’s ear dropping her to the mat. Cooper instantly topped her rival but GnP was no longer needed – it was a knockout, clear as daylight.

ABC’s victory did cause some discussion which is hardly worth retelling – you can check the comments section below the video to see fans guessing whether the KO punch was legal or not, Tori Music accusing ABC’s team of trash talking and insult and Bobby’s boyfriend and trainer James Gray denying all that. Bobby Cooper is not yet an MMA star (and no one knows for sure she will be), but she sure can make people talk about her.