Easiest way to make your opponent go crazy

Reid can’t hold his laugh looking at the opponent!

 By the end of 2005 a British kick boxer and MMA fighter Alex Reid had a great record of 8-2-2. But then something went wrong. Seven consequent losses between 2006 and 2010 made him switch to activities outside the cage, such as signing for a comedy series, becoming a housemate in “Celebrity Big Brother” and dating an ex-glamour model  Katie Price. Finally, Reid announced his retirement from MMA on May 11, 2014. But, as it often happens, the statement never came true and we should thank Jason Barrett for that.

Actually, Barrett has been challenging Reid for quite a time. He followed Alex to his gym, assaulted his security and one day even took a megaphone down to a restaurant in Soho where Reid and his then girlfriend Chantelle Houghton were dining. Finally Reid agreed. At the press conference prior to weigh-ins Barrett apologized for all stupid stuff he did and promised to knock his opponent out. No surprise Reid wanted to play a trick on his cocky rival. After the weigh-ins when the fighters squared up to each other, Reid kissed Barrett and laughed at his fury promising to apologize after the bout. He didn’t have to do that though, as he made quick work of Barrett, defeating him in the first round by submission (triangle choke). This long-expected win gave Reid the second wind, his next fight against Sam Boo at BAMMA 11 was also a win, this time by unanimous decision.

As for Barrett, we’re not likely to hear of any fights with him as in June, 2012 he was arrested during a police operation and charged with firearms offences. In 2013 he was sentenced to spend six years and a half in jail