Drunk girl breaks in Urijah Faber’s house only to empty her bowels there

Misery loves Faber’s company!

Getting drunk, intruding a UFC fighter’s house and leaving his bathroom drowned in crap always seemed kinda weird, complicated but still secure way of saying goodbye to this world. That’s how it was until recently, when an unknown drunk girl did all that to MMA veteran and Team Alpha Male mentor Urijan Faber and his real estate.
Honestly, Faber would seem to be living through tough times these days even if it didn’t happen. After TJ Dillashaw left Team Alpha Male for the Elevation Fight Team in Colorado, both fighters got involved into a harsh confrontation with many negative things said by both sides in media.
So, according to official reports, a drunk girl knocked on Faber’s door and then busted into the house without saying a single word. By the time when Urijah Faber called the police, the girl locked herself in the bathroom and defecated all over it. When the police came, they opened the door and smelled trouble.
Two things that make us wonder most of all in this story are: why should anyone take pictures of his crap-painted bathrooms and share them? And yes, this is the second MMA ‘crap’ news in a single week. Something’s wrong with combat sports, can’t wait for the UFC 193 to happen.