Double KO to the Nuts in a Christian Fight

God obviously has a sense of humor.

Religious people do different things for god’s greater glory. The main characters of the “Fight Church” documentary (2014) use their passion for MMA to strengthen their faith and reconcile christian moral code and violence by fighting. “Fight Church” was directed by Oscar-winner Daniel Junge and its IMDB rank is fairly high 6,6/10. What is this film about? The brief description of its main idea can also be found on IMDB: “It’s a study into how religion and aggression can feed on each other and this makes this a really timely (and very well made) piece. Striking is made possible by the deep conviction in one’s own righteousness. Always with a bible quote on their lips. In particular for European audiences, this also sheds light on the sometimes baffling coexistence of religiousness and violence in the US”.

This short video shows the most well known, weirs and painful moment of the film. We see two martial artists who fight in the church ring and it looks like an ordinary amateur Muay Thai fight until one of them lands a perfect knee right to the opponent’s groin. At the same moment his rival throws an uppercut directly to the guy’s nuts. Both fighters roll over the canvas in pain and then we see the guy in black trunks with his trainer. They pray and while the trainer holds the fighter’s shoulder, the fighter holds an ice bag close to his groin.

It’s a bit ironic to see this guy before the fight saying that every bout “has already been decided by God who won. You just wait to find out what happens”. Have to say, if that was decided by god, then he has a great sense of humor.