Double armbar submission in a MMA fight

Jacob Salyer lands a very rare double armbar submission to win his first ever amateur fight.

When was the last time you saw a fighter win a fight by a double armbar? Probably not recently, if at all. It’s an incredibly rare submission move and to do it in your first ever amature fight is even more rare. But that is exactly what Jacob Salyer did when he faced off against John McLaughlin at FCF – Extreme Fight Night 5 for his amature debut.

It took Salyer just 33 seconds of the first round to lock in the double armbar and get the victory. The pressure that Salyer puts on is incredible and you think that both of McLaughlin’s arms are going to break. Those arms are being bent at a very unnatural angle and the fight is stopped before McLaughlin has his arms ripped out of their sockets.

To land a submission like this in your first fight is pretty impressive. Salyer won all three of his amature fights, all by submission, and all in the first found. He has had a tougher time in the pro ranks with a record of just 2-2. And all four fights never made it out of the first round.

You could call Jacob Salyer a submission expert since all of his victories have been via submission but he has never landed another double armbar in competition. That’s what makes this one so special