Disrespectful fighter gets punished

This guy acts cocky pre-fight, and then…

gets punished for it during the fight!

An empty can rattles the most, they say. The one, not the only, thing that makes me just love MMA is the fact that here a rattling empty can usually gets some good beating. With all respect to Julian Rabaud and his five victories in the cage, his behavior before and during the bout at Nitro MMA 11 shows he’s one of the most useless, shameful and miserable impostors ever born.
So this tattooed guy from Australia was going to face Ben Nguyen (USA) in the main event for Nitro 11 in Brisbaine almost a year ago, on March 8, 2014. The vid from weigh-ins and the following staredown speaks for itself. Rabaud acted as if he was immortal or at least invulnerable. In videogames tattoos sometimes add bonus points to your strentgth, dexterity or stamina, but when it gets to real life – who said you can act like that with a guy who’s got twice more wins for his record?
Thumbs up for Ben Nguyen, he didn’t lose his temper (though it was not at all easy) and saved all emotions for the fight. But when the bout started, he gave Julian Rabaud absolutely no chance of throwing a single shot. Rabaud’s defense was just wiped off as if it never existed and in 25 seconds it was all over.
Almost a year has passed since that fight but there’s not much heard about Julian Rabaud’s new fights. Nothing, to be precise. Hope the guy realized it’s just about time to fill the can with some worthy content. Or maybe he’s just making a new tattoo.