Discover the soft side of Kimbo!

Watch the Youtube brawler turn into a nice guy!

    It was not long ago when we found out that Kevin Ferguson should not be confused with Kimbo Slice . We learned that Kimbo had appeared to protect Kevin Ferguson, now it’s time to see what’s going on when Kimbo is asleep and Ferguson remains on his own.

We see is a surprisingly peaceful guy working out in a gym, spending his time with wife and kids, going out to dine, play games – no, seriously, this cannot be the same person who promised to break his opponent’s ribs and jaw! A scary Kimbo appears to be a loving and caring dad who takes his son Kevlar to the gym every day to fight autism. “You wanna give them (the kids – Double KO) everything what you would have so that they could be a little bit better, a little bit stronger, a little bit smarter, a little bit wiser… You just want your offsprings to be a little bit better than you were”, says Kimbo in a moving voice and it’s something we’re not used to.

We get to know his mother, wife and two daughters as well – and at the same time we get to know Kevin Ferguson who is not only a notorious brawler, but also a good son, husband and father and a true connoisseur of chicken wings.

This video is a good move. It still seems that most people would love to see Ken Shamrock smash Kimbo Slice on June 19, but a lot of those who discovered the light side of the 41-year old Miami native have changed their minds as seen from their comments on Youtube:

“Kimbo seems like he has a good head on his shoulders and is very driven and family oriented. Just goes to show that stereotypes aren’t always played out in real life. I’ll be rooting for him in the fight”.
“I really enjoyed this. Definitely put Kimbo as person in perspective”.
“After seeing the video I gained alot of respect for the dude”.
“As someone with a brother with Autism who strives to make their life better, I can relate on that front with Kimbo. Rooting for the guy”.
“This is a side of Kimbo I’ve never seen. I’m starting to root for this guy”.

So if you are a Shamrock’s fan, be warned – watch this video with care or you can change the side in a blink of an eye.