Devastating knockout. Combat Sambo tournament

Devastating knockout delivered by karate fighter. Yoko geri Taekwon-do Kick

Combat sambo is definitely a thing of its own. Some say it’s like an invisible yet very dangerous weapon that you always have on you – without others knowing, of course. Many fighters specializing in all kinds of martial arts are willing to see how their skills would work out in a sambo fight. Karate, taekwon-do, other styles, you name it. In fact, fighters who practice these arts in particular have one special move they use, often to really impressive results. Take yoko geri, a powerful thrusting side kick, for example. Many professional karate and taekwon-do fighters have mastered this kick and are not shy to use it in combat sambo fights. You don’t need to go searching for an example, it’s right here. This video features a powerful, hard head kick knockout. The video features a hard knockout from a yoko geri kick – the kind of knockout the fighter needs some time to snap out of. Yikes! Let’s see.

The video shows you the highlight of the fight right away. The fighter in the red delivers a low kick that doesn’t really do much as the opponent backs off. But then, fast and unstoppable, he uses yoko geri, and the results are staggering. This is the king of all knockouts, no less. See how that foot flew there like a cannonball? Amazing.

Let’s see what was going on before this majestic kick happening, knocking the guy out for quite a while. Turns out the fight was happening mostly in the low kick area. But then the fighter in the red decided to up the ante a bit. He did, didn’t he. A beautifully executed yoko geri, and a fierce move to use in a MMA fight. Truly, sambo is an invisible yet crushing weapon you carry around secretly.