Devastating flying knee KO at Clan Wars 21!

Watch the whole video for replay.

In the end of March every MMA fan was anticipating UFC Fight Night Krakow main event – a rematch between Mirco Cro Cop and Gabriel Gonzaga. But those who came to watch Clan Wars 21 in Belfast, Northern Ireland on March 29 sure didn’t regret it for a single second. The night was full of entertaining fights and this here is a preliminary card bout between two Irish amateurs, Jay-ar Campos (black and green trunks) and Mical Vojtanic (black and blue trunks).

Vojtanic showed much spirit and aggression in the opening seconds as he wasted no time at recon operations and unleashed wide scale hostilities combining low kicks with punch attempts. It all would look very promising if at least one shot was precise and vicious enough. Jay-ar, on the contrary, was very moderate in the way of return fire, waiting for the moment when Mical’s haste serves him bad.

That moment came after fifteen seconds from the start. Vojtanic dropped his hands for a second, his head high and proud, and Campos sprung in the air landing a perfect right knee precisely to Vojtanic’s jaw. The shot got right on the button and Mical had his lights out before his head touched the canvas. It was a seizure knockout, so nasty that referee Decky Larkin had to call the medics to help the guy. According to Tapology, this win became the third on Campos’s amateur record with no losses so far and promoted him to the 8th place in UK/Ireland amateur welterweight rankings. Great job and we sure hope to see Jay-ar go pro some day.