Devastating First round KO

This entertaining fight ended with two heaviest blows made by Rustam Salichov.

For the last decade the mixed martial art fights (MMA, M-1 or UFC) began to pick up speed and gained popularity among their target audience. Devastating records have been already achieved and unforgettable combats have been conducted on repeated occasions. Internet is full of multifarious video topics that give coverage to the most remarkable events in the world of mixed martial art.  So, the combat Islam Salichov versus Rustam Hasanov was not an exception and we are able to take pleasure of the stupendous knockout that deservedly carved out its niche in the history of MMA.

Imprssive mixed martial art fight between Karachai Islam Salichov and Daghestani Rustam Hasanov which took place in Saint Petersburg in 2013. This entertaining fight ended with two heaviest blows made by Rustam Salichov. His opponent was knocked out nevertheless he recovered by the moment of winner announcement.

Notwithstanding the fact that the blow was made at the beginning of the combat the fighters both were able to demonstrate their uncommon power and mastery. Islam Slichov had several dangerous moments especially when he appeared standing on the top of his head thrown over by his opponent. Nevertheless almost every first attack was made exactly by him.

By the time of the combat both fighters had different experience in UFC. As for Islam Salichov his impressive track records of victories numbered two winnings in a year, whereas Rustam Hasanov was novice and had his first and very successful combat. Nowadays the winner Hasanov has conducted four more fights, but the last one failed and finished with leg knockdown from Ukrainian Taras Pihunik.

To sum up this fight appeared to be spectacular and well deserved to be on the top among other MMA fights as one of the most masterful tournaments ever.