Deputy sheriff from Boston scores a KO of the year contender

One of the hugest knockouts in Muay Thai!(watch replay at 2:50)

Julio Pena debuted as a pro Muay Thai fighter in November 2014 at Lion Fights 19. Half a year later Lion Fights, one of the leading Muay Thai promotions in the USA, offered him a multi fight contract and it was his second win that convinced Lion Fights to do that. The victim’s name was Tom Evans. Fighters faced each other at Lion Fights 20 in February, 2015. Evans had a significant height and reach advantage and capitalized on side kicks and spinning back kicks. However Pena dodged most of Evans’ shots and countered him with nasty and precise punching.
The first bell rang for Evans thirty seconds in the opening round when he threw another spinning back kick and was caught off guard by Pena. A left-right hand combo almost dropped Evans but for the ropes and the referee paused the fight. For the next minute the battle turned into a rather one-sided game with Pena throwing big lefts and rights and Evans trying to find a cure. Ninety one second before the break Pena threw another pair of punches, the left missed but the right one was, oh, square on Evans’ chin – Tom Evans was out cold before he hit the canvas.
The 36-year old heavy hitter Julio Pena will surely earn his place among such prominent Muay Thai fighters on Lion Fights roster as Yodsanklai Fairtex, Malaipet, Tiffany Van Soest and Gaston Bolanos. “Julio Pena is a force to reckon with in this sport, he brings his A-game to everyone of his fights and has wowed fans with his knockout performances. Our fans love him, and we are proud to have him among our roster of professional athletes”, said Lion Fight CEO Scott Kent.
When he doesn’t fight, Julio Pena works as a deputy sheriff, trains at Hard Knocks Gym in Hyde Park and teaches defensive tactics, verbal judo and hand-to-hand combat to his fellow officers. He was born in Jamaica Plain and made his kickboxing debut in 2007. The fight went bad for Pena but his intention to keep fighting only grew stronger. “He caught me with a hook on the tip of my nose, and my nose started to bleed pretty good. I remember the ref separating us after clinching up, and I saw the blood and was like, ‘Man, this is real.’ I used a couple other words that I don’t think you can print, but I was like, man, this is insane, this is crazy, this is awesome,” Pena recalled later.