375 lbs of pure muscle vs 230 lbs MMA fighter

This was back when Bob Sapp was the scariest thing in fighting.

Before becoming one of the biggest cans in MMA history, Bob Sapp was actually a fierce competitor that inflicted fear and pain in his opponents.
Many fans were interested to see Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira take on Sapp in a battle of power vs. technique.
Early on, things looked grim for Nogueira. This match immediately proved to be something to be remembered as Sapp attempted to piledrive Nog senseless in the opening seconds of the fight. Nog kept “The Beast” at bay from his back as the power in the arena suddenly died, leaving a dramatic spotlight shining into the ring on the two combatants.

Sapp and Nog had a surprisingly back and forth contest that had audiences on their feet as to who would come out on top. A battered Nogueira continued to take abuse through the first round and well into the second, with doctors having to check to make sure he could continue. As the second round drew to a close, Sapp was working his ground and pound and smothering Big Nog when suddenly “Minotauro” sat out, took mount, and wrenched one of the beefy arms away from Sapp for the armbar victory .