David puts Goliath to sleep!

Little fighter KO’s at least twice bigger opponent!

    Josh Rabedeaux’s death in June, 2011 remained unnoticed by most of the MMA fans and experts. This isn’t surprising as Josh was not a well-known fighter from Iowa, he took part in minor tournaments and his record was far from enviable: 5-9 with a bitter eight loss streak in the end of his career. Josh “The Hitman” Rabedeaux committed suicide, hanging himself at the age of 27, survived by parents and three daughters.
The Youtube video we have here shows one of Josh’s early amateur bouts and it still has his comment below: “That fight was when I had no skills, just threw my hands”. You’ll probably never see anything like that in pro mixed martial arts – this fight looks a total mismatch by professional standards. Unfortunately we don’t know who was Rabedeaux’s opponent, but the guy was way heavier and though he obviously lacked striking and grappling skills, Josh still had a hard time resisting his attacks and dodging a guillotine choke attempt.
The key to beat a huge guy (in case it’s not a well trained huge guy) is dodging and making him exhausted. That’s just what Josh did – by the start of the second round the superheavyweight fighter was clearly tired and didn’t pay necessary attention to his guard. Everybody knows hands need to be kept high and chin low and perhaps the big guy knew that too but he mixed things up anyway. Just ten seconds into the second round Josh Rabedeaux tried to reach the opponent’s jaw with a superman punch and then threw an easy left low kick and right punch combo which became crucial – the punch shot got right on the button and downed the giant fighter to the mat. We would say the guy collapsed but it was way too slow.