Dana White meets nineteen year old MMA sensation Sage Northcutt

Northcutt proved he’s not just another pretty boy in the cage

“He was all tanned up, and we were kind of making fun of the kid” – Dana White recalls first time he saw Sage Northcutt’s picture. Actually, UFC President was not the first one to be deceived by the nineteen year old fighter’s looks. It’s hard to believe that the young athlete from Texas has already defeated five opponents and lost none of his fights so far.
It took Northcutt (5-0) less than five minutes to convince White that this young welterweight deserves a chance in the octagon. With karate and kickboxing in the background, Northcutt demonstrated he’s not only a heavy hitter and willingly brought the fight to the ground.
When Northcutt secured his rear naked choke against Gage Duhon, all Dana White could say was just “Holy s**t!” White met Northcutt after the fight and said: “I got to be honest with you. So, we are coming out here and studying guys. I counted him out, man. We had that picture of him and I’m like, ‘We got the pretty boy who thinks he wants to fight.’ That’s exactly what I said. And then you shut us the hell up, let me tell you what. Everything was legit, so congratulations.” The whole story became a part of the first episode of “Dana White Looking for a Fight” which shows White, Serra and “The Tooth” in search for promising and skilled fighters.
Sage Northcutt didn’t miss his chance and later defeated Rocky Long at LFC 44 via neck crank in the second round. After that it was announced the nineteen year old Texan signed up with UFC and will face Francisco Trevino (12-1) in October.