Crazy seizure knockout

This toe-curling KO happens just 13 seconds into the first round after a savage kick to the face.

When you see a fighter’s toes curl after getting knocked out you know it was a pretty savage strike that did it. In this video you see our hapless target make the cardinal sin of getting caught with his feet parallel but he also leans right into the kick, sealing his fate.

And the kick is a thing of beauty. It was thrown with perfect timing and lands right across the jaw. The entire universe lined up for a perfect knockout. I’m convinced that there is not a fighter on the planet who could walk away from that kick. The victorious fighter jumps on the immobile fighter and lands two more punches that are unnecessary and the ref jumps in and puts a stop to the fight.

As our fighter lay on the canvass the cameraman focuses in on his feet and you can see the toes curl and the feet start to shake. That image is a little unnerving but the fighter is okay. As a sign of respect and concern the victorious fighter leans in and makes sure he is okay before any celebration begins.

Any time a KO’d fighter starts twitching or shaking involuntarily it is a cause for concern. In this case the fighter was okay and that is all that matters. Spectacular knockouts are great and it is what MMA fans want to see but no one wants to see any fighter get seriously hurt.